Mason Ian Bundschuh - author, musician, troublemaker

Hey peoples of the world. I’m Mason Ian Bundschuh. Yes… that’s my last name. It has extra consonants and stuff to throw you off. It’s pronounced “Lord Dino-Viking”

 Ok, not really. But it should be. (Bundschuh = Bun-Chew)

 I’m an author, musician and troublemaker.

 I write speculative fiction, which is anything with a ‘what-if?’ attached. My work can be classified as sci-fi, fantasy, horror, or even ‘unknown category.’

 My favorite authors are Ray Bradbury, Philip K. Dick, Hemingway, Charles Beaumont, Jorge Luis Borges, C.S. Lewis, Gene Wolfe, Tim Powers, G.K. Chesterton and Dostoevsky.

 I’m also a professional musician. Guitar, bass, banjo, mandolin, ukulele, lasers—I play them all. I have spent countless hours in the recording studio and on the road touring with various rock bands.

 Because being a writer and musician so rarely pays the bills, I’ve had a variety of odd job throughout the years, from the prerequisite dishwashing to teaching drivers ed, to selling water softeners. I’ve worked in bookstores and video game stores. I’ve even had jobs where I spent every day in and around helicopters.

 And if you haven’t heard of my writers group, The Illiterati, well consider yourself informed. It’s the best group ever. Since forming in 2008 each of us (Billie Bundschuh, Matt Czarnowski, Mercedes M. Yardley, Ryan Bridger, and I) have racked up publication credits and awards—as well as dramatically improving our writing. I’m definitely an advocate for having a good critique group.